The regulations regarding cannabis seeds and products based on hemp extracts vary from country to country, so you should read them before buying - especially if you plan to use our products outside of Czech Republic. It is worth knowing that in some countries it is forbidden to use marijuana even for medical purposes.

Due to the fact that we can not interfere in the legislation of any country and we are not aiming to persuade anyone to be in conflict with local law, we note that we are not responsible for future actions of our clients. The seed material offered by SpanishSeed® is a collector's item.

Important information

1. The condition of purchasing products offered by us is the age of 18.
2. It is forbidden to distribute them in countries where possession of seeds or products based on cannabis is illegal.
3. SpanishSeed® is not responsible for any further inappropriate or illegal use of products purchased through this site. We recommend our clients to read the legal regulations in this area.
4. We clearly state that customers who bought collectible seeds from this site are responsible for their own activities in the future. SpanishSeed® does not bear any responsibility in this regard.