Why is it worth choosing autoflowering seeds?

Autoflowering seeds are suitable for outdoor crops as well as indoor and greenhouses. The plants are characterized by high resistance to mold and fungal diseases and are exceptionally easy to grow, thanks to which they can be recommended to those who take their first steps in cannabis breeding. In the case of outdoor crops, it is possible to obtain two or more crops during the summer, while in indoor and artificial lighting, the hemp ripens in about 10 weeks. Importantly, our autoflowering seeds are also feminized, so the breeders do not have problem of self-eliminating male plants. Cannabis grown from this type seeds bloom and give rich crops even with not very intense lighting - although of course, to achieve the desired maximum it is worth remembering that more intense light, the better effects of cultivation.

Exceptional resistance

Autoflowering varieties selected by SpanishSeed® are characterized by a high concentration of cannabinoids and high resistance to so-called light pollution on which cannabis is generally extremely sensitized. Pollution, i.e. admission to plants even a very weak source of light during the obscuration period, disturbs their internal clock, and thus - adversely affects the beginning of vegetation and flowering. Thanks to the intense work on obtaining particularly strong varieties, we have managed to create perfect forms that tolerate irregular periods of light and dark, and at the same time can realize their life cycle without negative consequences. As a result, they are extremely easy to grow and do not require restrictive attention.