Rich harvest

Key factor that determines whether or not the cannabis grown by growers achieve their full potential (appropriate growth, intensity of flowering) is the purchase of seeds from a professional source. SpanishSeed® specializes in professional genetic seed selection - so that our clients can be sure that regardless of what type of hemp they decide (feminized, autoflowering) and whether they decide to grow them indoor, or maybe on a free air outdoor, they will achieve maximum yields.

Do you know that…

1. The etymology of word "marijuana" is not fully known and there are a few theories on this subject - one of the suggestions is the origin of the Spanish language - from the Latin names Maria and Juan (pronounced: Huana), second - the origin of Chinese language, where sentence “ren hua” means hemp flower.

2. Cannabis is used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and even clothing industries - it is a universal plant which has been used by people for about 5,000 years. The mention of its use (oil, fibers) can be found in many sources - it was used both "industrially" (hemp fibers were used, for example, to produce clothes, ropes, ropes and even paper), but also for various types of religious rituals.

3. It is paradoxical that in many countries it is legal to have cannabis seeds (seeds), but growing plants from them is penalised. Therefore, if you want to grow, it is necessary to check local regulations.

4. Regardless of the variety, cannabis seeds differ slightly in appearance. Only an experienced breeder can distinguish them, so it is worth buying a product from a professional seed bank, thanks to which we can have a guarantee of their authenticity.

5. Cannabis seeds are rich in valuable unsaturated omega fatty acids (3, 6 and 9), necessary in our diet. They have a positive effect on the work of the cardiovascular system, regulate the immune system and affect the lipid metabolism, for example by regulating plasma cholesterol.

6. Fruits and hemp seeds are used as bird feed - at one time there is information on the network that in the UK an elderly lady taking care of nearby birds unwittingly bred large plants in her garden, which led to her being reported to the police by "kind" neighbors.

7. The mention of this plant appeared many times in the literature - one of the first was a fragment of the work of the Greek chronicler Herodotus (440 AD), who described the specific Scythians habit. They carried with them dried hemp, which they put on fire-heated stones, so that they could sit in hallucinogenic vapors and enjoy their action. It was one of their favorite pastimes.

8. In Polish literature, you can also find fragments devoted to this "magic" plant. Probably the most interesting fragment appears in Sienkiewicz's "Deluge", where Zagloba descirbes cannabis use and effect he had by consuming it.

9. Cannabis was also used in the 17th century - on Dutch ships during marine exploration. It was a period called the Golden Age (or the Age of Rembrandt), when the country was at the peak of the development of political and economic power. The seeds were a protection in case the ship ran aground: it could be used as a source of food, and the fibers were used to repair ship rigging.

10. Cannabis has also been widely used in magical rituals - "special" prediction capabilities or divination are attributed to their hallucinogenic properties.